Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Thankfulness Day 4--Today

Every November my facebook feed is flooded with thankful posts.  Four years ago I blogged every single day of the month of November with memories, people and things in my life for which I am thankful.  Four years later, I am still thankful for all of those things but, so much has changed I thought it would be fun to revisit the month of thankfulness and hopefully challenge me to continue to blog beyond the month of November.

When teaching English I gave the journal prompt at least once a school year to describe your perfect day.  Students would often include things they ate, people they hung out with and activities they would do.  As a mom of three littles "perfect" days might not look like one would expect but today for me is one.  The last three days were rough.  Daylight savings time, Halloween and general excitement led to blond boys who woke early, didn't nap and a princess who didn't sleep very well.  I felt like a zombie.  A very tired, very frustrated, very frazzled zombie.  The situation deteriorated to the level that on Monday night as I was trying to clean the crayon off the floor, finish our small group dessert, make dinner and keep all three kids alive, I had to send a text of desperation to Andrew to walk fast on his way home.  I was spent.  My patience was totally gone.  I honestly was wondering how many more no nap, up early days I would be able to handle.

But, yesterday things started to turn around as all three kids got the sleep they needed.  Today they woke up just as I was leaving to run and when I returned we settled into our morning routine.  We enjoyed a big breakfast, the boys were quiet as I put their sister down for her nap and once we were all ready we headed outside.  Our new house is about 400 yards from the playground and on this perfect morning we embraced our location and headed down the sidewalk with our load of trucks.

Ben pulled and Caleb pushed our red wagon stacked with six or seven trucks, balls, a blanket and snacks.  Their blond heads bobbed along as they worked together to reach our destination while I walked along with Hannah smiling in her carrier.  T-shirts for all of us, not a hat, glove or coat in sight and even shorts on Caleb's skinny little legs.  Once we arrived, the friends started coming on foot and in vans.  Our wagon quickly emptied as all the boys used the wood chips as their construction site.  Dump trucks zoomed down slides, laughter filtered through the air from the swings, the babies cooed on blankets and snacks were shared.  Everyone embraced the sunshine that I am sure we will soon exchange for snow but for today, things were perfect.

Days like today make my heart feel so full it could burst.  I am so thankful for the sunshine that is showcasing the fall colors, the playground outside my door and the warmth that is such a gift in November.

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