Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Two Months

It seems pretty incredible that we have a two year old and a two month old.  March 6th crept up on me and it took me until lunchtime to remember that Caleb is already two months old!

Height/Weight TBA on March 15th--at his 1 month appointment he was 12 lbs. 2 oz. so I expect his weight to be in the 13-14 lb. range.

Clothing:  3-6 months with a couple 0-3 mixed in if he is wearing disposable diapers

Hair: reddish brown

Skills:  The skills department is still rather limited, unless you count being incredibly cute.  Caleb can roll onto his side but has made it from tummy to back or back to tummy.  He doesn't love his tummy time yet although he can hold his head right up and push up onto his elbows.  He started to smile and is becoming more and more interested in things around him.  He loves to watch his big brother.

Loves/Hates:  Like most newborns, Caleb enjoys being snuggled.  He is a pro at sleeping on someone's chest during the day.  He likes to be swaddled to fall asleep although I often find him with at least one arm free when he wakes up in the night.  I don't swaddle him for nap which he takes in various places in the house.  I want him to associate swaddling with nighttime sleep.  He enjoys his swing, bouncy seat, sling and Moby wrap. He tolerates taking a bath pretty well. He still does not enjoy his car seat but will fall asleep in it if we go for a long enough drive.  He does not like to have a dirty diaper at all.

Sleeping:  During the day Caleb wakes up around 7:30 and will stay awake for about 2 hours.  He takes a short morning nap of about 45 minutes and will stay awake for about an hour.  After that he it out for a long time.  Most days he naps from around 12-4:30.  I know that this seems incredibly long but I have stopped trying to get him to stay awake during this time.  I typically wake him halfway through to eat and he sacks out after his snack.  After his long nap he is awake again for another 2sih hours, takes a 30 minute siesta and then goes to bed between 8:30-9:30.  At night he has given me 5 hours in a row to start off his evening on numerous occasions but he still has nights where he is up every 3 hours.  He is all business in the middle of the night however, which is really nice because I am rarely awake for more than 20 minutes at a time.

Eating:  Caleb, like Ben is an enthusiastic nurser.  He noisily gobbles his milk and is often finished eating in less than 10 minutes.  At first I was worried he wasn't getting enough but as his rolls have multiplied I became convinced that he is just a fast eater.  Ben liked to spend at least 45 minutes nursing so this change is one that has taken some adjustment.  He still gulps fast when he is hungry which at times leads to a lot of air in his stomach and some enormous burps but he is getting better at slowing down.  He greedy gulping is part of the reason I wake him during his long day nap because when he goes for too long his stomach seems a bit upset.

What we are learning:    While both of our boys are incredibly happy babies, Caleb seems to be a little more independent than Ben was at this age.  Ben LOVED to nurse to sleep and snuggle all day long.  Caleb loves to snuggle but he also has moments where he simply wants to be left alone to sleep.  At night he goes to sleep with a plastic pacifier instead of a mommy pacifier.  He follows a eat, wake, sleep pattern a lot better than his brother did which I find funny since we haven't done anything differently with the two of them.  If I am going anywhere it takes me twice as long--at least-- to get out of the house.  I am learning how to manipulate the grocery cart with one kid in a wrap and the other int he cart and I am figuring out that I need  to plan out trips well in advance if I hope to get anywhere.

What we've been up to:  This month was pretty quiet as we continued to adjust to our new normal.  We went to Mom's group a couple of times, made it to church every Sunday and went for a couple of walks.  The weather is still pretty gross outside so our walks have been short.  I am hoping that Spring will come quickly so we can get out a lot more.  Highlights from the month included a visit from Joanna and a visit from Hilary and Lauren this month.  Caleb has enjoyed snuggles from his grandparents who live up the road as well as other friends who have stopped in to meet him.  All in all, Caleb's second month was pretty uneventful.  We love his chubby little face  and are excited to see how he grows and changes in the month to come.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Getting Older...(25 months)

Last month Ben turned two and we all enjoyed looking at his icy blue eyes as they looked happily at his train birthday cake.  He is getting so big and grown up.  As he continues in the journey through his second year of life, Ben's blog posts will focus more on the fun things he is doing each month.

Health:  Ben had his two year check up on February 15th.  At that check-up his growth stats are as follows:  weight--26 pounds and height 35.5 inches.  He is tall, skinny and very healthy.  He made it through two years of life without ever being on an antibiotic or going to the doctor for anything but well checks.  Hopefully he won't visit the doctor again until he turns 3.  

The Not-so-fun:  The last month or so Ben has started to test his boundaries.  It is true that our angelic little boy will do things that he is told not to do--shocking, I know.  It is probably a combination of him getting older along with the arrival of his little brother.  Two prime examples of this are mealtimes when he spits food out on the floor or when he dumps water out of the tub during his bath.  Andrew and I are both learning how to navigate this stage and a friend of ours with a toddler told us it, "is about time," that Ben is displaying some less than perfect behavior.  

The FUN!  Ben fills our days with laughter.  He talks all of the time and is using sentences with more than three words.  He uses adjectives to describe things and is trying to figure out how to use pronouns.  When we walk down stairs he will often say, "Carry you Ben?"  His language explosion is so much fun to witness and it reinforces our decision to keep TV watching limited to the occasional Youtube viewing of a garbage truck or train.  He loves books and picks up so many words/ideas from what he is reading.    Every few days I do send a few books on vacation (under the couch) because 200 pages of Curious George or 100 Nursery Rhymes get a little exhausting.  Yesterday we were looking for a toy and we found a few vacationing books and Ben exclaimed, "Books vacation all done!"  (as you can imagine the curious little monkey was back in the rotation).

Hanging out with Ben everyday is a joy as his laughter fills our house and his actions make his parents laugh.  One of my favorite Ben things is whenever he walks backwards it is accompanied by a, "beep, beep, beep," like a truck.  He loves to get dizzy to Bodypump music while I am learning new releases, he likes to crawl under things such as the dogs or our legs and calls them dog tunnels and leg tunnels.  He hangs out in the swing or bouncy seat occasionally which makes everyone laugh.  

With Caleb as a part of our lives and gross winter weather hanging on, we have been stuck in the house more than usual.  The result of this is a love of running errands or going on mommy or daddy dates.  He discovered the car carts at the grocery store and he happily makes car noises while we shop and if we bump the cart he appropriately accompanies the crash with a "BANG!"  He loves special treats from local bakeries.  He is anxious for the weather to clear up so he can go for runs with either Andrew and I and will climb in and out of the "hingle Bob" (single Bob stroller) in anticipation.  We are both waiting for Caleb to get bigger so we can try out the double.  
He is adjusting to having Caleb in the house and tries to be a big helper.  He says hi to Caleb when he sees him and is accepting the fact that Caleb gets to hang out in my lap--the minute my lap is free however, it is quickly filled with a toddler and a book.  We have tried hard to keep his routine as consistent as possible which has helped with the transition.  I treasure the quiet moments I have with him before bed or nap where he and I hang out, read books and sing songs.  He loves to be sung to and often makes requests such as, "Jesus loves Me,"  "Noah boat," "Splish Splash" and "Jesus Go."  (A few of those are Deerfoot songs that I've had to learn.)

We are loving life as a family of four and it is exciting to see Ben take on his role of the big brother.