Thursday, November 12, 2015

Day 12--COTW

Twelve years ago Andrew's mom, and now my mother-in-law, sent me a letter inviting me to stay with them at Camp of the Woods while they were on vacation with their family.  I accepted her invitation (which prompted Andrew and I to have "the talk") and we had a relaxing week together.  A Brautigam summer family tradition, we all look forward to our week together and hate to have to skip a year.  

In the past twelve years I think Andrew and I have missed three times:  the summer we got married, the summer I was pregnant with Ben and technically the summer we worked at Deerfoot, although we visited a lot while we worked down the road.  We have so many rich memories at Camp of the Woods as a dating couple that found a brown bear on a couple of evening walks, young married couple who relaxed, read books, and exercised a lot, and now a family of five with a minivan full of toys.  

Located in the Adirondacks on beautiful Lake Pleasant, Camp of the Woods is a Christian family resort.  It is truly a vacation.  Meals, lodging, maid service, free mini golf, a huge gym, a beautiful beach, a playground, and numerous other activities it is a place where families can just hang out together and enjoy one another.  We look forward to the trip every single year.  Ben and Caleb both experienced COTW at six months of age, Hannah at six weeks.  As the children get older it is so fun to watch them get excited about heading up together.  Our only job at Camp of the Woods is to relax and recharge.  For a few of us that means a lot of exercise, for others time relaxing on the sand reading and for the littles, embracing every single activity in fifteen minute increments.  I could spend hours writing about the wonders of our vacations there together but I will instead let a few pictures from the last couple years speak.

Yesterday Andrew received an email with our reservation confirmation for our summer vacation at Camp of the Woods and we can't wait to make more memories there together!

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