Monday, November 5, 2012

Day 2: 21 Months of Parenthood

On October 23rd, Ben reached his 21st month of life.  Andrew and I couldn't be happier to be the parents of such a cheerful, loving little guy.  It is hard to believe that 21 months of parenthood have gone by and our once chunky baby is a svelte toddler who is learning something new everyday.

This thankfulness post is a double for his 21 month update...

Taller and heavier than last month...
Clothes:  all 24 month and some 2T (what is the difference really?)
Shoes:  Barely size 5
Hair:  His wispy strawberry blond (I think) hair is starting to grow in slowly.  It curls up in the back when it is humid outside
Teeth:  Still 12 and every month I think I will have another one to add but they are taking their time coming in.  I am pretty sure they are waiting until Caleb gets here just to make sure we are all on our toes.

This month was a word explosion.  He mimics and is picking up so many new words.  The words that he does have are becoming clearer.  He is more specific when he asks for things which is wonderful.  There is a lot less guessing involved on my part on what he wants for breakfast, lunch or to drink because he will tell me.  He also lets me know when he is hungry by using words rather than just getting grumpy.  Over the month Andrew and I went from being "mama" and "dada" to "mommy" and "daddy"--a most adorable transition.  I don't think if there is anything sweeter than hearing him say "mommy" from his room.  We often hear him saying "uh-oh" and "no" when he does something he shouldn't.  He has started adding ending sounds to words which makes him way easier to understand.

Ben continues to dazzle us with his "boyness."  Cars, trucks, planes, helicopters, trains, dirt, rocks, construction vehicles--you name it, he loves it.  He has an array of sounds for each vehicle and each is very distinct.  He loves to color and play with play dough.  New this month was the discovery of stickers--star stickers are a particular favorite and they are all over his stuffed animals and books.  Tessa and Chopper even went through a star stage as he put them over everything.  He continues his love of books and is in love with letters.  He can identify several letters and enjoys mumbling different ones in random order. He enjoys puzzles and balls but I think one of his favorite things of all is wrestling and snuggling with is parents.  He loves to run around our house chasing our poor dogs, trying to get Andrew to do push-ups with him on his back and getting tickled.   He loves to run errands and visit his family at work (especially since the office ladies spoil him with chocolate.)

He is learning some colors and letters.  I think he would pick up more if I were a little more focused on it but for now he is content to read books and learn through everyday life.  He is still working on his jumping and I think once he figures out how to trust his little feet he will get it.  He can climb in and out of his high chair and the stroller.

Highlights from the Month:
*His grandma and grandpa came up from Georgia for a visit and he charmed them with his infectious grin.
*He watched our friend Kevin dig holes in our backyard with a tractor for a fence
*Long walks around Fredonia and runs to Tim Horton's to help his baby brother grow
*Doctor's appointments with me where he gets to hear his little brother's heartbeat
*Numerous playdates with his friends Isaac and Mason
*Shopping for his new room (more on that in Month 22!)

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Day 1: Health

Last year I copied other friends and reflected on something I was thankful for each day in November.  I loved having a little outlet in which to think about things in my life that are such a huge blessing and this year isn't any different.  (I might have a few repeats in topics but the content will be different as it is a new year).

Thinking back to the past year, one thing that Andrew and I are incredibly thankful for is the gift of good health.  We've battled a few colds between the three of us, but nothing that has crippled our lives.  Ben is an exceptionally healthy little boy and is approaching his second birthday without ever being on any medication.

As we approach the birth of baby #2 in about 8 weeks, we are enjoying another easy and healthy pregnancy.  My blood pressure has stayed low, my blood sugar is even lower and I have kept up with both running and teaching bodypump through the duration of my pregnancy thus far.  Little Caleb is kicking away inside of me and is developing right on track with a strong heartbeat that Ben enjoys hearing when we go to the doctor.  Even my thyroid, that bounced around a bit when I was pregnant with Ben, has remained steady.

Even the canine members of our family have enjoyed a year of blissful healthy happiness.  They get the occasional stomach bug from eating things that upset their stomachs but beyond getting routine shots, we haven't had to take them to the vet.

On this first day of November our health is not something we take for granted but something we do work hard to maintain through a lot of exercise, a mostly healthy diet and as much sleep as we can get which means I should probably go to bed--my 5:45 run is quickly approaching.