Sunday, October 27, 2013

Nine fast months

This time last October the countdown was on as I entered my third trimester.  Now the countdown is on to Caleb's first birthday which seems way too close.  For the last nine months we have been blessed with an easy going, smiley, cheerful little guy who adds so much more joy to our already blessed days.

Stats:  (We go the doctor next week so these are unofficial)
Weight: 20ish pounds
Height:  29? inches
Head Circumference:  Big
Shoe size:  tiny tiny 2
Clothing: 12 months
Teeth: 2

Eating:  We need to start with eating because it is a high point in Caleb's day.  He loves to eat. Everything.  Eggs, meatballs, squash, avocado, fruit, cheese, crackers, bread, pasta--basically anything that looks like food goes into Caleb's mouth.  He gets excited when he sees his high chair, grabs for everything you are eating, and kicks his legs when he hears the skillet hit the stove in the morning. He is determined to drink out of the sippy cups that Ben leaves scattered around our house.  He still nurses five or six times a day, mostly before naps and bed time because if real food is in sight that is what he wants.  We stuck with "baby led feeding" and it is a hit with our little guy. Andrew often feels like the only time that he sees Caleb awake is when he is in his high chair.

Sleeping:  I continue to take comfort in the fact that once Ben slept through the night he never looked back.  I am hoping that happens eventually with Caleb.  He is doing a lot better at night and is waking up twice most night after going to bed around 6:45.  I am trying to stretch his bedtime a little later in anticipation of daylight savings time.  He naps twice a day, morning and afternoon.  If we are home, his morning nap in his crib lasts for an hour and a half.  When we are touring the town, he naps in his stroller or baby carrier for about 45 minutes.  In the afternoon he sleeps for 2 1/2 hours most days from 1-3:30 or so.

Likes:  He loves to be in Ben's "business."  He follows his big brother around all the time.  He loves all things boy--books, trucks, balls, cars, animals, etc.  At the playground the swing is his second choice (putting wood chips or dirt in his mouth is his first.)  He likes playing with spoons, trying to eat crayons, dumping out the dog water and pulling books off the shelves.  He is into everything in a very pleasant, "I'm a busy baby" way.

Skills:  Caleb is a pro at standing by himself.  He has really good hand to mouth coordination.  His grip is incredibly strong and he is an excellent sitter.  He continues to clap for himself (and his brother)  with great enthusiasm.

I am going to try to update for 10 months on his tenth month birthday so we'll end here for today!