Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Day 10--The cousins

Disclaimer:  I realize I missed two days, I will catch up on the other side...the littles don't always sleep at the same time which means that blogging is at the bottom of the list.

My first official extended Brautigam family gathering was at the wedding of one of Andrew's cousins--one of his twelve girl cousins.  When we met only one of those cousins was already married.  As you can imagine over the course of the last ten years, we have attended a lot more weddings, bridal showers, baby showers, graduation parties, etc.

Over the weekend I attended the baby shower of one of his cousins who is due this winter.  As I sat next to my mother-in-law, across from Andrew's grandma and received hugs from other cousins and aunts I felt so blessed.  I married into an incredible family.  Andrew's extended family is a part of our lives, have come to birthday parities for the boys and we are fortunate enough to even attend the same church as his aunt and uncle.

My children are growing up with such a wealth of family surrounding them and I feel so thankful that they get to know such an amazing group of people.

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