Tuesday, May 21, 2013

4 (and a half) months!

I was waiting for Caleb's 4 month appointment to post for this month but now that it has come and gone, it is time to update my little guy's growth.

Height: 26.5 inches (89th percentile)
Weight:  16 lbs. 3 oz (68th percentile)
Head Circumference: 17.5 inches (92nd percentile)
Clothing size: 6-9 months
Diapers: a combo of bumgenius 4.0, rumparoos, and fuzzibunz...now that Ben is POTTY TRAINED (HOORAY!) we have our choice of diapers.  He does wear disposables at night most of he time.
Teeth:  none--but he is drooling and chewing on his fingers like crazy.

In case you are curious to compare him to Ben at the same age he is an inch and half longer and 3 oz. lighter.

Sleeping:  I think my babies just aren't great night sleepers and I am okay with that.  Certainly I am tired and I wish they did better at night but getting them to do so is beyond me.  There were a couple of days in a row in this past month where I saw every single hour on the clock.  We did recently move him into his crib and that seems to be helping some but he ends up in our room when he starts the waking every hour trend--a trend which is starting later and later.  

He likes to go to bed between 7 and 7:30 and will give a nice long stretch of 4-5 hours to start off his evening.  After that it is anyone's guess.  He thankfully isn't up for very long when he does wake up--15 minutes tops so that helps.  

During the day he naps twice in the morning and once in the afternoon.  There are a lot of days when it is one morning nap and one afternoon nap but that is if he sleeps in.  Our little guy (who is currently punching himself in the face while I am typing) is an early riser and when the clock hits 6 a.m. his eyes pop open.  His morning nap is his travelling nap which means it is typically in his stroller or baby carrier because the morning is prime playground time for his big brother.

He does fall asleep on his side totally on his own 95% of the time with a pacifier and for his afternoon nap and at night swaddled loosely.

Eating:  If he could talk he would tell you he is ready for solids.  He lunges for our plates, spoons, the table, etc.  The second we sit down to eat, he is also ready to partake.  He is still exclusively nursing for at least the next month and a half.  He is an efficient eater and does his job in about 5 minutes.  He is more interactive now when he eats and gives me big grins as he is chowing down.  

Skills:  He rolled over for the first time belly to back on May 16th.  I guess he decided it was time.  He found his feet and loves playing with his hands.  He can almost get back to belly but gets stuck so maybe in another month or so.  He can kick himself in a circle and do a tripod sit with his hands braced in front of him.  He grabs toys with determination and purpose and is figuring out that certain toys make music.  He can pull his pacifier out of his mouth and almost get it back in much to his great delight!

Communication:  He coos, chatters, laughs and occasionally screeches and rarely cries.  His smile is infectious and he smiles all the time.

Loves:  Pretty much everything.  He adores his big brother, his dogs and anyone that talks to him.  He likes to listen to books, music and his Ben singing to him.  He likes to snuggle soft objects like his taggy blanket from his Aunt Jo or his snuggly bear from his Great Aunt Amy.  He is fascinated by the wind blowing through the trees when we are outside.  He loves to go for walks and seems to tolerate runs with the stroller just fine.

Highlights from the Month:
We didn't really go anywhere but had a month of just hanging out at home.  We've taken a lot of walks and trips to the playground as a result of nice weather.  The biggest highlight of this month was watching Ben take a more active "big brother" role.  He will sing to Caleb, pretend to pick him up and is very concerned whenever we leave that I take Caleb with us.  Being a mom of two adorable little boys is a huge blessing and I look forward to watching these two grow up together.