Friday, December 13, 2013


Decorating our Christmas tree was so much easier this year without a Caleb sized bump in the way.  Now instead of knocking off ornaments with my belly, my little guy is on the move and doing his best to take them off on his own.

At eleven months old Caleb is truly one of the happiest babies I have ever met.  He smiles at everything and everyone.  He experiences very little separation anxiety and he rarely protests when he is passed around.  His personality is one that overflows with joy and each moment with him is full of smiles.

Some stats:
Height:  Right around 30 inches
Weight: around 20 pounds
Clothing:  all 12 months
Shoes:  0-6 months (another small footed guy)
Teeth:  still only two on the bottom
Hair:  not nearly as bald as his big brother was but it is still pretty thin and pretty blond

Sleeping:  Caleb is slowly transitioning from two naps to one.  If he naps in the morning it is from 10-11.  He still likes his morning nap but if we are out doing anything in the morning he skips it completely.  In the afternoon he sleeps from 1:00-4:00 (most days).  At night, he is down by 7:30 and up once, maybe twice.  He has started sleeping for 7-8-9 hour stretches which is amazing.  He likes to nurse before he goes to sleep but it is often followed by daddy snuggles to get him settled for the evening,  On nights Andrew is gone in the evening Caleb is awake a lot more because he wants his daddy.

Communication:  "dadada," "mama," and "buh" for Andrew, myself and Ben.  He also identifies balls with the "b" sound.  He babbles a lot and laughs even more.  He thinks that baths with his big brother are pretty much the best thing in the world.

Likes:  Everything Ben is doing so trucks, balls, books, trains, etc.  He loves to bang away on our piano.  he loves going for walks and runs in the stroller.  He loves when Ben climbs into his crib to hang out and bounce him up and down.  He is fascinated by the toilet--which is totally disgusting.  He loves our dogs and enjoys trying to climb on top of both of them.  The dog water is a huge draw and we keep having to move it higher and higher the taller he gets.  He enjoys emptying cupboards and banging away on pots and pans. He loves to bounce his butt up and down when he hears music.

Skills:  He pulls up on everything and runs around our house while pushing walkers.  He has stood on his own for a second or two and is thinking about walking but has yet to commit.  He sometimes walks on his knees instead of crawling.  He likes to stack things and has started sorting shapes.  He likes to try to color when Ben is coloring.  According to Andrew, his skills are cooing and being hilarious. He can zoom up our stairs and rolls a ball across the floor.  He also figured out how to climb in and out of the little rocking chair we had on the day before Thanksgiving.

Eating:  He continues to nurse 5 or so times a day and eats three big meals and a snack.  He eats whatever we put in front of him and whatever he sees on our plates that he wants.  He loves to steal sippy cups that his big brother leaves all over the house.

Highlights from the month:  Caleb met my side of the family when they came up for Thanksgiving.  His status as happiest baby in the world was confirmed by my sister-in-law who is a nurse practioner in a NICU.  He loved all of the attention (and food).  This month he saw his first snow and enjoys watching it out the window.  He tolerated getting our Christmas tree even though it was freezing and snowing.