Thursday, November 5, 2015

Day 5: This old house

Four years ago I wrote this post about our first home as a married couple.    Our little white house on White St. was the perfect fit for our small family when we moved to Fredonia with our first blondie, Ben.  We loved the proximity to Andrew's work, library, playgrounds, hardware store and local eateries but in the winter of 2015 after our family of three grew to four and five in the near future we decided to start looking for our forever home.  Our long term plan is to stay in Fredonia.  We have both grown to appreciate our lives here and raising our children with so much family nearby is important to us.

In February of last year with my belly rapidly expanding and feet of snow on the ground we began our search.  We were hopeful that our house would quickly sell and we would find something that suited the needs of our growing family.  Our first trip out with our realtor made us want to stay put.  From a house with a basement out of horror movie to another where the tenant was making sauerkraut in the kitchen to another where the nicest room was the laundry, we felt a little discouraged.  But then we looked at "the one,"  a beautiful white victorian that both of us had admired from afar for years.  Once inside, though it was freezing, we both really liked it.  Hardwood floors, a huge kitchen, two full bathrooms, a basement, attic, etc., it checked most of our boxes.  We were sold.  The only problem was the house was listed as a short sale so we knew it might take a while.  We put our offer in and sat back and waited.  and waited. and waited. and waited.  February turned into March, April quickly passed by, Hannah arrived in May and while on vacation in July we finally heard that our offer was not accepted and they were taking another.  Disappointed, but also a little relieved to finally know something we took a step back from the house search.  With a brand new baby in tow, the thought of moving was overwhelming so we thought we would wait for a while to see if anything else came up that we liked.  We had exhausted the list of houses on our list and were not in a huge hurry to move.

That didn't last long.  The entire time we looked at houses, there was one in particular that I always clicked on when it popped up on zillow.  I admired the pictures but never wanted to look inside because it was out of our price range.  For months it sat on the market and every six or eight weeks the price fell.  While we were waiting on the other house, the price kept falling and falling.  Finally Andrew contacted our realtor and said we wanted to look at it.  I dropped the boys off with a friend at the playground and told her before seeing it there was no way we would buy it--it was too expensive and out of our league.

When we walked into the house I was a little taken aback by its beauty.  It checked all of my boxes:  mudroom, beautiful kitchen, gorgeous woodwork, room for a playroom, fireplace (with woodstove), upstairs laundry room, four bedrooms with nice closest, attic, basement, garage...I was in love.  Beautiful leaded glass windows, pocket doors, pull out shelves in the kitchen with nice appliances, the house was a dream.  It was way nicer than any house I ever imagined owning.  Sensing we liked it, our realtor encouraged us to think about putting in an offer.  A few days later we did and right now I am writing this post from my new living room.  We closed quickly, moved in a lot sooner than we'd planned and unpacked with the help of my wonderful in-laws.

Every morning I wake up excited about our new place.  Whenever I walk or run home I think about the memories we will create here.  The kitchen that I love will cook birthday cakes, create meals for friends and family and host numerous small groups.  Our kids will get off the bus here for their first day of school and will shoot baskets at the hoop over our garage.  This is the home that our kids will come home to when they are off at college.  This is the house that our children will bring their children too.  This, our forever home, is where Andrew and I will grow old and gray.

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