Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Three Months

Three months in and already late with my blog post!  Oh well, having two kids has made me late for more than just blogging!  Caleb's third month of life was busy.  Andrew had a lot going on at work, we enjoyed visiting family in Dayton and celebrating my birthday.

Weight:  14lbs. 4 oz.
Height:  (When he wakes up I'll let you know)
Clothing:  all 3-6 months with a couple of 0-3 pants--his legs seems a little short
Diapers:  fuzzibunz during the day and disposables at night
Cradle Cap: UGH!  It showed up and is out in full force....yes, I have tried coconut oil, olive oil, dandruff shampoo and brushing it...nothing works.

Loves:  Caleb loves his bouncy seat, swing, bumbo, brother, dogs, ceiling fans, baths, nursing, sleeping...basically everything.  He adores his big brother and watches him like a hawk.  He is an incredibly easy going and happy child.  He smiles whenever anyone looks at him or if he sees something he finds amusing.  He loves to listen to books and doesn't mind when he is read to while we are reading to Ben.

Skills:  He is starting to hit things intentionally and grab at things around him.  He isn't a roller yet but I think that is because he is very content in whatever position he is in.    He looks when you call his name and he recognizes his parents.  He is a chatterbox and over the past couple of weeks he has added to the noise level in our house with cheerful squeals and giggles.

Nursing:  Caleb eats on demand which is typically every 2 1/2 hours.  He has days where he still cluster feeds in the afternoon and late evening but those are starting to fade.  He is an incredibly fast eater and nurses in less than five minutes most of the time.

Sleeping:  Part of me hoped that our second child would enjoy nighttime sleep more than Ben but as of yet, it is not the case.  I will continue to rest in the comfort of knowing that it will happen eventually and now Ben is an awesome sleeper.

During the day Caleb takes a 45ish minute morning nap two hours after he wakes up which is between 6:30 and 7:00.  He takes either two 45 minute afternoon naps or one long stretch of two hours which starts around 1-1:30--this is really nice for me because it is around Ben's nap time and I have a bit of quiet in the house.  He takes an early evening nap for 30 minutes around 6:30-7:00--although I feel like that one is starting fade.  He likes to be in bed by 8:00 and we try our best to get him there.

His morning nap I let him take downstairs around all of the noise but in the afternoon I swaddle him and put him in his cradle.  He falls asleep on his own with a pacifier in his mouth 90% of the time.  Occasionally he likes a snuggle before bed.  At night he wakes up three times (and sometimes  more, sometimes less).  Even though he is up a lot, his fast nursing makes it bearable as I am rarely awake for more than 10 minutes.

Week by week our month went like this:
March 6-12th--Caleb survived a family round of the stomach flu.  I felt bad for the little guy as I was sick and Andrew and I experienced our first stomach bug as a family.

March 13-19th--We enjoyed a wonderful evening at my mother-in-law's house as she made me a delicious birthday dinner and invited a few friends over.  Andrew made a scrumptious cheesecake.  Caleb spent an afternoon away from me as Andrew gave me some "mommy time" and told me to go shopping.

March 20-26th--I spent six days as a single mom while Andrew went to Ithaca for a trial academy. The boys and I managed but it isn't something any of us want to do very often.

March 27-April 6th--Caleb's first Easter egg hung, first Easter celebration, and first car trip to Dayton to visit Dan and Hilary.  He did an amazing job in the car and didn't cry hardly at all.  He slept through our visit to the Airforce Museum but enjoyed hanging out with his cousin on the floor.


We feel so blessed to have two wonderful boys and are enjoying our life with two littles.  Perhaps next month Caleb will roll...