Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Eight Months

Before eight months turns into nine, it is time to blog! (Attentive readers will notice some Andrew Edits (TM), enjoy!)  

Stats--Weight—around 20 pounds;  Height--? ;Clothing—rapidly growing out of 9 months and transitioning to 12 months;  Teeth—2 on the bottom!  (The first one came in on September 1st, the second one on September 6th)

 Skills:  Caleb can pull himself up on objects and demonstrated this ability on September 2nd, in the bathtub—not the ideal place to test a new skill.  He rocks on all fours but still does not actually crawl.  Attempts at crawling end with Caleb face planting into the floor, a wall, or a piece of furniture.

Applause is saved (mostly) for Ben, especially when Ben sings to him.  He can lift the peek-a-boo flaps on books, roll cars on the floor with their wheels and charm anyone he meets.  He sits well unassisted and can now get to a sitting position by himself.

Communication:  Caleb (like his mommy) babbles like crazy. Unlike either of his parents, however, he is quite shy in public. At home, however, he likes to scream and laugh, and makes “dadada” and ”mamama” sounds. Unfortunately there isn’t really a connection to the actual person. Someday. He hasn’t experienced any separation anxiety which makes it really easy to leave him in the nursery at church.

Eating:  Caleb LOVES to eat solid food.  We (aka Shelley) decided to do “baby-led weaning.” For Caleb, this means that he enthusiastically shoves anything we put in front of him in his mouth. He routinely eats half an avocado at a sitting. Like Ben, he is still nursing enthusiastically, and no less frequently than when he began eating solid food. Maybe "baby led weaning" is a bit of an overstatement.

Like the rest of the Brautigam clan, who are known for their "hanger" (hunger + anger), he wants to eat when we are eating and gets upset if he is left out.  He uses his pincer grasp to pick up bits of food (and everything else).  He is still nursing on demand, which is about every three-four hours.  He is a bit difficult to nurse during the day because he wants to see what is happening around him.  His big brother and dogs are very distracting.  He has had a little bit of water from his sippy cup and loves to play with sippy cups.

Sleeping:  Andrew cheerfully reminded me that Ben slept through the night at 14 moths so I only have six months to go before Caleb does.

(Personally, I think that's encouraging. Just 180 days until you sleep through the night, honey!)

At a year however, Andrew can take over night time duty. (This is news to me. Good thing I have custom earplugs.) At least this time around I know it will happen eventually. Caleb did sleep through the night a handful of times in July and I was really really really excited.

It didn’t last.

On a normal night he wakes up once or twice but we still (too frequently) have nights where he is awake every two-three hours.  He loves to nurse at night and I think it is because it is quiet and distraction free.

He takes two naps: one in the morning around 9:30 for 45 minutes and one in the afternoon from 1:15-3:30.  He is ready to go to bed by 6:30 and is up at 6:30.  We try to push his bedtime a little later so he isn’t up as early but the latest we can really make it is 7:15 or so.  He falls asleep totally by himself in his crib with his pacifier.

Loves:  Ben, Ben, Ben, Ben.  (unfortunately the feeling isn’t always mutual). In a nutshell, Caleb is a typical little brother, following Ben around adoringly and getting insulted for his trouble. This is unsurprising, given what I know of brothers. Hopefully he inherited a temper less severe than his Uncle Dwight's, who reportedly threw a pitchfork at one of his brothers in a fit of anger.

Pitchforks aside, he loves to be wherever his big brother is.  He enjoys his jumper, climbing all over the toys and pushing around balls.  He likes walks in the stroller and baby carrier.  At the park he LOVES the swings and watching the big kids.  He likes to try to put everything he sees in his mouth.  I nursed him on the playground one day last week to find that he nursed with a wood chip stuffed in his cheek.  He loves to listen to music and is incredibly interactive (wiggly) when he is read to.

He thinks our dogs are hilarious.  He likes to take baths with his big brother, especially since Ben thinks it is fun to wash him. Ben, actually, is totally enthusiastic about taking baths with anyone, including Chopper, who he invited into the tub last night. Chopper, regretfully, declined the invitation.

Life Lately:  We went on vacation with the Brautigam family during the first week of August.  Caleb discovered that sand was something else he could stuff into his mouth and he had a generally good time. We have spent a lot of the summer walking around Fredonia and taking playground tours.  We’ve enjoyed visits from Aunt Joanna and lazy days at home enjoying life.  Everyday we feel so blessed by our two adorable little guys.  Ben is growing so big and Caleb is a delight.  Their happy personalities fill our days with laughter and love.