Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Loving Life at One Year

On Monday January 6th, we sang "Happy Birthday" to our effervescent little guy.  The year has flown by as we've adjusted from a family of three to a family of four and we've watched Caleb grow into a little toddler while Ben grew into his role as a big brother.

Stats: (His official one year appointment is on the 28th, but he was sick in December so this what we have:)
Height:  29.5 inches
Weight: 20 pounds
Teeth:  3 on his first birthday but three more are peeking through.
Hair:  a very blond baby mullet
Clothing:  All 12 month
Shoes:  0-6 month, size 2 (TINY feet)

Eating:  Despite his light weight, he is a huge eater.  He can out eat his big brother (and sometimes his mom).  He enjoys every food we place in front of him (except for lemons) and eats with enthusiasm.  He is very very neat when he eats and rarely needs a bib.  On his first birthday, his first bit of cake and ice cream were nibbled very delicately.  He loves to try to use his utensils and wants whatever is on our plates.  He drinks from anything he finds and thinks we are horrible people for denying him coffee.  He continues to nurse 4-5 times a day/night.  I plan on nursing him for a couple of more months.

Sleeping:  Over the last month he transitioned to one nap a day at 12:15 and sleeps for 2-2 1/2 hours.  He is in bed by 6:30 and up the next morning around 7:00.  Between the nighttime hours he is really inconsistent. He goes to sleep on his own, is happy when he wakes up and while I am ready to sleep through the night again, Andrew will not be called into duty for a little while longer.

Communication:  Caleb wants to talk and enjoys babbling.  He emphatically points to what he wants.  His words thus far are: "ba" (ball), "be" (Ben), "du" (dog), mama, dada, "bo" (book), "no" (nose and no), "mi" (milk).  He loves to nod and shake his head.

Skills:  Caleb started walking on December 11th.  He took a few steps in our living room for Andrew, while I was not around.  He continued walking in short spurts.  Over Christmas he was sick and his walking took a backseat but now he is toddling around with more confidence than skill.  He is even starting to bend his knees.

While playing, he likes to use his shape sorter, rolls cars across the ground, put things in and out of containers and mimic whatever Ben is doing.  He tries hard to stack blocks, but enjoys knocking things over even more.  He can wave "hi" and "bye" and is learning where his body parts are.  He would way rather imitate the words for different body parts however, than point to them.

Likes:  He likes to go on walks, pet his dogs, and bring books to us (though he doesn't always sit to listen).  He loves cars, trying to eat crayons and dumping out cups of water.  He is big enough to hang out in the learning tower with Ben, which makes baking a new adventure for all of us.  He loves people and will go to anyone who is willing to hold him.  He loves to play peek-a-boo and to be chased up the stairs.

Highlights from the month:  We celebrated Christmas with Andrew's family.  Caleb was sick for most of the week but it mostly meant he wanted a lot of extra snuggles and sleep.  He wasn't sure how he felt about being Cousin Lauren's baby doll but he enjoyed the Christmas tree and constant stream of music in our house.

His bubbly personality is contagious and we are having so much watching the relationship between our two boys grow.