Friday, March 30, 2012

14 months!

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While I was putting Ben to sleep the other night it dawned on me how quickly his life is flying by. He was so snuggly and cute and I wanted to capture that moment and hold it forever. Some days I don't like to think of him getting bigger and becoming a teenager who is embarrassed to be around his mom. I am sure however that as he continues to grow and change my love for him will only do the same. For now I will still cherish the moments that we have where Andrew and I (and I guess Chopper) are the most important things in his world. It is amazing how much he has changed in the past year and how much fun everyday with him is.

The last month of Ben's life was another of huge milestones...let's take a look!

Height/Weight--Best guess? 22 lbs., 32 inches. He is SO tall and skinny. I took a picture the other day when he was in his diaper and I could see his ribs. Is this the same little chunk who never wore newborn clothing because he was so big?

Teeth--7--four on top, three on the bottom. The rest of his teeth have come in pairs but the third on the bottom is flying solo.

Hair--reddish blondish brownish hair is growing in the back although the top of his head still looks quite wispy and bald.

Clothing sizes--12 months or 18 months depending on the brand. 18 months are a little big in the waist but 12 months are all a little short.

Shoes--barely a size 3 in regular shoes, 6-12 months in Robeez and Target brand Robeez--he has tiny feet!

Ben totally transitioned to a walker this month. He stood up by himself on March 4th and hasn't looked back. He first started standing by going into a down-dog and slowly standing himself up. He still crashes and falls to the ground but he is getting more confident by the day. It is making shopping so much easier in places that don't have carts because he can slowly walk along side me.

Communication: Our babbling boy is trying out new sounds/words everyday. Apple has gone from "Ah" to "Ap," Chopper is now, "opper," Tessa is still a favorite as are "mama," "dada," "duc" (duck), "jew" (juice) and on and on. He imitates a lot of sounds and is recently trying the "h" sound although it is very guttural. He charmed everyone last week when his grandmom was reading Old MacDonald's Farm and he imitated the "e-i-e-i-o." He still uses some signs and is pairing signs with words especially "done" when he is finished eating. He uses the word "mama" when he wants things or needs help. He can point out his head, eyes, ears, our nose, fingers, toes and is working on his knees and belly.


Eating: He eats three meals of solids a day and an afternoon snack. He is finally away from pureed food and will eat most of what we are eating. He loves avocados so much that I fear he might turn green. He has started to enjoy cheese and is expanding his fruit repertoire to include blueberries, strawberries, kiwi, oranges, apples and of course bananas. He loves the buddy fruits that he can squeeze out himself. He drinks well from a sippy cup and a straw. He is still nursing and much to his dismay (and mine a little too) we have started to wean and are slowly cutting out nursing times. He loves to nurse before he goes to bed so that will be our last to cut out. At night when we are getting ready for bed he will point to the chair where I nurse and sign milk and say "mama." Neither of us are ready to give that up yet! He loves to stare up at me while he nurses and point out my nose and eyes.

Sleeping: Hmm....check for a post on that later this week. We have had some good nights over the past month but his schedule has been all over the place as he is transitioning to one nap a day. He is putting himself to sleep better at night and for naps and is slowly accepting a colorful sock monkey as a comfort object.

Favorites: BALLS. Anything round catches our kid's eyes. From lights, to circles on a coffee cup to the actual object our little guy loves balls. Everything that is round is automatically a ball--even lights. He still loves to read and one of our favorite moments with Ben is when he signs "book," grabs one off the shelf, and brings it to us to read. He enjoys containers and putting things in and out of them. He has learned how to get on and off of his bike and will walk around with it around the house. He loves his dad's bikes and tries to help him fix them. Bath time continues to be a big hit and he will walk to the stairs saying, "bubble" when it is time to take a bath. While on a hike this month he saw a pond and said, "bubble" because he wanted to get in. We bought his some real bubbles, which I have to hide unless I want to blow them all day long because he loves them so much.

He loves phones (or things that look like phones) and will put them up to his ear and say "umm.." as if he is carrying on a conversation.

With unseasonably warm weather this month, we went on numerous walks around town in the stroller, baby carrier and a few hikes in the woods with the dogs and our friend Cat. Ben has found great joy in going on runs with his mommy as he points out everything he sees. He loves to go "bye, bye" and will point to the door when he wants to leave.

His dogs are still a highlight of his day and Tessa is starting to see the appeal of another human to throw things to her. Chopper continues to receive his fair share of Ben snuggles.

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He loves to visit his dad, grandmom and granddad almost every day at work. In his grandmom's office, he likes to grab her pictures and talk to them.

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It was another wonderful month in our house and we love listening to our little guy's laughter and love of life! We had a great time visiting friends in Morgantown and Ben enjoyed going to his first friend birthday party. It was another wonderful month in our house and we love listening to our little guy's laughter and love of life! We had a great time visiting friends in Morgantown and Ben enjoyed going to his first friend birthday party.